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Welcome to CRYPTO LTD. The Ultimate All-in-one AI-driven Platform for Crypto Traders.

Crypto Ltd on DEXs and CEXs with a full suite of trading tools previously only available in CRYPTO LTD. Technical analysis, portfolio management, trading strategy automation, and more — the ultimate all-in-one trading terminal.

  • In-house strategies using AI/ML dynamically adapting to the market
  • Marketplace of premium quality Crypto Trading Signals & Bots
  • Build your own AI/ML bot on top of our already working strategies

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We are building the most complete ecosystem for crypto traders. Our mission is to bring for retail traders a trading platform of institutional-grade quality — and beyond. We are providing everything needed to be successful in crypto trading, all in one single place.

Our team is building a secure, efficient, and easy-to-use blockchain-based platform providing solutions for the common pitfalls faced by crypto traders. Our goal is to integrate seemlessly with the centralized and decentralized world of cryptocurrencies under a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will inaugurate a new era for the financial industry to make it truly transparent, fair and efficient. By investing in our project, you will achieve a safe and stable profit and also help us to better promote this project.

Competitive Advantage

With the help of our team, advisors and investors we are developing the most advanced crypto trading bots platform.

Scientific AI-based strategies

We have partnered with the best institutions and experts to provide institutional-grade trading strategies — and beyond.

Profits-sharing Smart Contract

Our unique in the world profits-sharing Smart Contract allows our clients to pay our services only when they earn.

Support for CEX & DEX

Take advantage of both centralized and decentralized exchanges all from one single platform.

AI-driven Quantitative Finance

We leverage AI following a scientific approach which takes advantage of the volatility. We believe in R&D and have partnered with the best institutions and experts to achieve our goals.

Easy-to-use platform

We are designing an easy-to-use platform, surrounding us by experts in UI/UX, with a beautiful interface grouping in one single place all the tools that a trader need to maximize his profits.

Eligible support

Our support specialists are highly qualified and will support you at all stages and answer your questions. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact our experts immediately.

For investors

We have designed three investment projects for our investors who can choose one of these plans according to their interest and start investing.
Go to the "Investment" page to know the exact conditions of investors and the parameters of all investment programs.

Up to 40% Daily For 10 Days

Unlimited Deposits Are Allowed Principal INCLUDED
  • $20-$2000

  • $2001-$3000

  • $3001-$5000

  • $5001-$8000

  • 8001-$12000

  • $12001-$50K


Up to 20% Daily For 10 Days

Unlimited Deposits Are Allowed Principal Returns After 10 Days
  • $20-$2000

  • $2001-$5000

  • $5001-$8000

  • $8001-$12000

  • $12001-$20K

  • $20001-$50K


Up to 500% After 10 Days

Unlimited Deposits Are Allowed Principal Returns After 10 Days
  • $2001-$5000

  • $5001-$8000

  • $8001-$12K

  • $12001-$20K

  • $20001-$50K


After 1 Day

Only 1 Deposit Are Allowed Principal INCLUDED



After 1 Day

Min Deposit:

$20 $200

Max Deposit:


Min Withdraw:

$0.05 $100

Max Withdraw:



We provide an all-integrated trading platform leveraging the power of AI and ML, having all the tools needed for a trader to maximize his profits in one single user-friendly interface.

AI-driven Quantitative Finance

We leverage AI following a scientific approach which takes advantage of the volatility. We believe in R&D and have partnered with the best institutions and experts to achieve our goals.

In-house Sentiment Analysis engine

We are developing our in-house Sentiment Analysis engine providing an edge on competitors who are using third party providers and not using original data which are needed to generate alpha.

Solutions for CeFI & DeFI

We are a blockchain-based platform allowing to use DeFI and CeFI at the same place. We believe that both are complementary approaches, following the philosophy of Vitalik Buterin.


Regardless of whether you have invested or not, we welcome all of you in our company and all of you can get a commission without even investing in our company just by introducing our company to your friends. Our referral program, perhaps, is kind of because it has a special structure created to achieve complete project stability. Our project referral program has 4 levels and 4 stages of development. You can also advertise on our site and only by introducing our site to your friends and referring it through your referral link in your user menu with the help of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and any other social network and receive your referral.
Below you can find detailed information about the performance of our referral system.

Referral Commission:

Level 1 : $20-$2000


Level 3: $5001-$10000


Level 2 : $2001-$5000


Level 4 : $10001-$50000


Get Started

There are Four steps you need to take to get started with Crypto Ltd!



To get started with Crypto Ltd, you should first register on the site, which has very simple steps. First click on the registration button at the top of the page and then you will be taken to the next page which is the registration form. Fill in the form to the end and enter the required items and write down your username and password where you need to enter the site. Your registration is now complete.


A Deposit

After creating an account in the Crypto LTD, login to your account now. Enter your username and password in the relevant field and log in and choose an investment plan that fits your vision of the investment process. On the profile page, click Open Deposit, select an investment plan and payment system, and enter the investment amount. Then click on Open New Deposit at the bottom of the page.



After depositing in the company, all you have to do is make a decent profit hourly or daily according to the investment plan you choose. Use your Crypto LTD account to place an order and earn a profit. Your income depends on the investment plan you choose.



To repay your partner's income or accruals, you must request a deposit to your e-wallet. Enter your personal profile and click the Pay button. Fill in the cash application form and click on cash payment. All impressions are processed immediately.